13.Anti-Mischief Function:If exceeding 3 interior calling inside car when elevator load is below setting value,the system will delete all calling and re-select floor.
14.VIP Service Function:When elevator is at VIP service state,the calling inside car will be executed firstly to ensure quick arrival of passenger inside car.
15.Door Nudging with Buzzer:If the time of open door exceeds setting time,the system will close door compulsively and the close door protection function will be neglected temporally.
16.Internal Communication:If the elevator is in abnormal state,the persons in car,at car roof and bottorm pit can communicate with machine room or control room.
17.Inspection and Diagnosis for Faults:When fault occurs,the system of elevator can automatically diagnose the causation of fault,and store the information into systerm for maintenance personnel call.
18.Repeat Close Door:After executing instruction of closing door,if door lock circuit is not connected within specified time,the elevator will re-open the door and then re-close the door.
19.Parking Function:When service of elevator is stopped,any floor can be selected to park elevator.
20.Function of Auto Start and Stop Elevator:If no operator for elevator,auto start and stop elevator can be set based on requirement.
21.Elimination of Mis-Operation:If passenger select floor in error,the floor can be re-selected after eliminating mis-operation.
22.Setting any Non-Stop Floor:The user can set any temporary non-stop floor based on requirement.
23.Setting any Indicating Character of Floor:The user can set any indicating character of floor based on requirement.
24.Self-Diagnosis Function of Call Button:When the call button in some floor is on for long time,the system will neglect the call request of this floor.
25.Dormancy Function of Floor Display:If no one uses the elevator over setting time,the LCD will enter into dormancy state to raise the service life of LCD.
26.Intellective Operation of Rush and Slack Hours:When the elevator is in this operating state,it will select best operation mode based on flow and time.

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