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Qatar Lifts control mainboard adopt American ATMEL advanced microprocessor chip,It is high integrated circuit and graphic man-machine interface and The control system is small ,but the function is very strong with ease to use Four layer mount technology, The special module of RS485 serial communication , which has high inteligence high reliability strong anti-jamming. Ingenious elevator running curve,bilingual in Chinese and English liquid crystal display,modify simplily(you can test it in control mainboard,it is not need with the computer or handed operation device),display visually,maintain conveniently.



1.simple operation, high space utilization

2.various models of cars can be loaded

3.little lift noise and stable


1.Use the matured car elevation technology, reduce the noise and more stable lifting ;

2.Humanized design, comfort and natural;

3.Applicable for various occasions and own the large loading capacity;

4.Simple operation and space-saving;

5.Diversified lifting modes;

6.Hydraulic circuit protection systems. such as safety valve, speed limit disconnection valve to ensure maximum standard of the travel quality and security;

7.There are safety device in the car to ensure the lift and car safety;

8.There are two “operation panels“. in the car . The driver can operate the lift without stepping out of the car.

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Qatar Lifts

Qatar Lifts Organic Board with Metal Bar and Pentagon Steel Plate Spraying Board se the matured car elevation technology to reduce the noise and more stable lifting

Qatar Escalators

Qatar Escalators high grade steel material provide a larger capacity and longer life circle.

Doha Lifts

Doha Lifts alarming buzzer brings your attention to safety operation prevents overheating caused by long time working

Doha Elevators

Doha Elevators

Doha Escalators

Doha Escalators Company in Qatar with elegance style special sculpt smooth line stable operation and advanced technology and the advanced technology to design and manufacture the goods.

Qatar Elevators

Qatar Elevators is dedicated to achieve the ultimate in excellence in our products and services manufacturing unit has the capacity to manufacture the products as per customer’s requirements.